Hi there!
My name is Dmytro
(you should pronounce it similar to the word “metro” but add “D” in the beginning)

I’m choking a plush moose in this photo, but people mostly know me as a creative copywriter

Let me clarify from the start:

no, I don’t write long-reads and SEO-friendly articles for blogs. It’s a job for content writers. But I will gladly help you with any other formats: from BIG ideas to microcopy. What actually do I do? — I develop concepts and campaign ideas. It might include video scripts for TV and online videos, key visual ideas with smart copy, any kind of digital communications: banners, Google Adwords, original captions, social media posts, UX and microcopy for websites and apps, product naming, slogans, and tactical taglines.


During my career I’ve been working for both:
small local and huge international agencies

Some brands I developed ideas for